St. Louis-Area TSA Youth Ambassador

Drew Guise alt edited

The newest youth ambassador for the Greater Missouri Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association is Drew Guise, 14.

Drew was diagnosed with TS at eight years old, when he was in the third grade at Eureka Elementary in the Rockwood School District. During the first few years, his symptoms were relatively minor. Then, as adolescence progressed, those symptoms began to rapidly take control of his life. By the time he was in fifth grade, Drew needed major assistance during even the most common day-to-day activities. Over the next two years, With the help of doctors, counselors, and family, Drew was eventually able to manage most of his externally visible symptoms. In April 2011, he travelled to Washington D.C. to participate in youth ambassador training.

Since then, Drew has spoken to both students and adults in a variety of settings, from classrooms to large-group venues. His presentation is a blend of factual information and personal anecdotes about his journey with TS over the years. Drew can speak to a number of topics including bullying, acceptance, and awareness of those around you.

To schedule Drew for a speaking engagement, call 636-938-3858 or send an email to Drew is accompanied by a parent or adult guardian to all events.

Follow this link to listen to a recent St. Louis-area radio interview, featuring Drew and his father, Marty.


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