October Meeting

You’re invited to join us at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25, at Mercy Hospital (615 S. New Ballas Road, St. Louis, MO 63141) in the dePazzi Bentley Room, Doctors Medical Building, accessbile through the vonGontard Conference Center doors between Towers A & B. The room is to the left.

Our speaker will be Dr. Matthew Worth, a nationally recognized chiropractic neurologist. He will address how the brain functions in children with Tourette, ADHD, Autism, and learning disorders. He will also speak to the services available at the new West County Midwest Institute for Neurological Development (MIND), which is the only brain-based treatment/educational center in the Midwest dedicated to the evaluation and management of neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Also, we will be trying something new at this meeting, offering a Lego Club gathering for kids. Activities will include cooperative play with Lego’s and interactive social-skills games. If your children would be interested in some fun and social time with other TS kids, please bring them along.


2 thoughts on “October Meeting

  1. Is anyone welcomed to attend this meeting? My 7 year old son has tourettes, but we are not TSA members.

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