New Videos to Help TS Diagnosis, Treatment

The National TSA has added two new videos to its Web site, to help physicians and clinicians in their efforts to recognize, diagnose and treat Tourette Syndrome (TS).

    Tourette Syndrome: Anger Control and Management
    John T. Walkup, MD, Chair of the TSA Medical Advisory Board, talks about children with Tourette Syndrome and anger control issues. He discusses what might cause anger episodes, and what can be done in the home to address symptoms effectively.

    Tourette Syndrome: Sorting Out Complex Symptoms
    In this segment, Dr. Walkup talks about working in the clinic to sort out complex presentations in children with Tourette Syndrome (TS). He discusses co-morbid conditions such as ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders, and other problems, which often complicate the cases of children with TS.

These brief, informative videos offer clear discussion and share proven strategies to help families better understand TS, assist clinicians in their treatment formulations, and promote overall improvement in the lives of children, adults, and families affected by TS.

The videos are presented free of charge. Physicians and treating clinicians (such as psychologists, social workers and counselors) will find both videos essential viewing. Families are encouraged not only to watch these programs, but to share their availability with health care providers.


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