February 2019 Activity

February 22, 2019 – Family Friday Night Activity at Chesterfield Sports Fusion
We will meet at 5:30 PM on Friday, February 22nd  for an evening of sharing and fun. After a pizza dinner and some informational sharing, the Chapter will purchase a two-hour pass for children to enjoy time getting to know one another and playing games.


3 thoughts on “February 2019 Activity

  1. Lynn,
    Thanks so much for helping me all the support and guidance you recently gave me. I am trying to reach Diana to sign up for February event but must have written it down wrong. Please send the address again. I am not on FB.

  2. Julia,
    The website was supposed to get updated with the rsvp info, but I guess that hasn’t happened yet. RSVP for the February event to Diana Guise at stlguises@yahoo.com by 2/10/19.
    Sorry for any confusion.
    Lynn Dunlap

  3. Wow! What a quick response!!!! My daughter is soooo excited to meet others who won’t judge her. You have been a light in the dark! Thanks so much! Julia

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