Lu Moorman Memorial Camp Scholarship

For decades, Lu Moorman was a stalwart champion for the Missouri Chapter. She traveled and spoke to countless individuals and groups about Tourette and fought for the rights of our children. With her family’s permission, we have decided to honor Lu’s legacy by dedicating our camp scholarships program to her memory.
Lu did so very much for so many years in the St. Louis and greater Missouri area, that her name was practically synonymous with “Tourette Syndrome” for families and educators. Anyone who sought Lu’s assistance always received it. In addition, Lu was a tireless fund-raiser, too. But these activities were only part of her personal mission. Lu had a passion for “FUN-raising,” and that’s what we loved most about her! Lu knew that “fun” was something that kids with Tourette Syndrome might not always find in school or other social situations. However, she knew that if kids with TS could just experience a camp especially for them, then “real fun” would be the inevitable result!
Many years ago she encouraged children in our chapter to go to Joshua Center Camp in Lee’s Summit, MO. Some took her up on the recommendation and, it was so good, that they went back—year after year! The word spread and even more kids went! It soon became an annual tradition for our chapter to not only encourage participation, but to also offer camp scholarships making camp possible for anyone. It was all thanks to Lu, all her idea! It only makes sense to continue now what she started, and to do so, in her memory! Simply put, we wouldn’t be where we are as a chapter today without Lu’s guidance, vision, and generous spirit.
Lu, you were our “glue,” and we sure do miss you!
Therefore, we are continuing the tradition to offer scholarship funds available for Joshua Center Camp, as well as expanding it to other TS camps that are offered.
In order to apply for scholarship funds, the following rules apply:
You must be a dues-paid current member of the Tourette Association of America and participant in the Missouri Chapter.
The camp must be one that offers a program specifically for children / youth with Tourette Syndrome.
You must register your child, pay the required deposit, and be approved for camp participation. After receiving approval, you must submit a scholarship application.
Full or partial scholarships for the remainder will be paid directly to the camp.
If your child receives a full or partial scholarship, then cannot attend camp for any reason, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible.
Please email MISSOURITSA@YAHOO.COM for an application.


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