New Presentation: Tics and CBIT

The latest installment in the national TSA’s online information series is now available: “What are Tics and What is CBIT?”

This 31-minute presentation has information that may be of particular interest to school psychologists, parents, and educators.

School psychologists can play a key role in the identification of Tourette Syndrome (TS) and its symptoms. Some also work with parents and students to find ways to help manage both tic symptoms and the associated challenges, academic and social.

“Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics,” or CBIT, is a new, evidence-based, non-pharmacological treatment option for tic management, developed by members of the TSA Behavioral Sciences Consortium.

Douglas W. Woods, Ph.D, is the director of clinical training and a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In this presentation, he reviews what tics are and provides an overview of the CBIT treatment intervention.

While CBIT may not be appropriate for all TS children, we hope you find this program informative.


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