TSA Audio Presentation Focuses on School Administrators

Because administrators play a central role in defining the way their schools help children with Tourette Syndrome (TS) learn and thrive among their peers, the national TSA has added a new audio presentation to its Web site: “The School Administrator: What You Need to Know About Tourette Syndrome.”

This presentation offers information about what TS is and isn’t; how to recognize and manage the symptoms of TS; and what entitlements are involved with TS students. While this presentation is primarily directed to school administrators, it might also be of interest to educators, clinicians, families, and caregivers.

The material in this new resource is presented by Ellen Meyers, M.S., M.Ed., with the National TSA Education Committee. Ms. Meyers is a former high school assistant principal and district-wide director of special education. Her son has TS.

You can listen to the audio presentation from the Web or save the file to play on an iPod or other MP3 player. Also available for free download — from the same Web page as the audio presentation — is a PDF of the TSA publication, “The School Administrator: Ten Things to Know about Tourette Syndrome.”


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