Back-to-School Transitions

Earlier this month, TSA conducted a teleconference on easing back-to-school transitions for students with Tourette Syndrome. The audio was recorded and is now available to TS families nationwide.

This 53-minute presentation focuses its information on families and caregivers of TS students who are attending a new school, new grade, or have a new teacher.

The original teleconference was presented by TSA Education Specialist Kathy Giordano to an audience of concerned parents and caregivers. Kathy regularly talks with groups of teachers, special educators, clinicians, school-based staff, allied professionals and families across the country about Tourette Syndrome and related disorders; positive and proactive educational and behavioral techniques; and “Functional Behavioral Assessments.” She is the mother of three adult children, her youngest diagnosed at the age of 5 with severe Tourette Syndrome with ADD, OCD and ODD.

Kathy has a background teaching English in grades 7-12 and has worked to assist school districts as a behavior consultant since 1998. She and her son have appeared on the PBS Series “Nova,” in a segment about Tourette Syndrome.


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