Take a minute to help students and adults who have Tourette Syndrome!

Please take 3-4 minutes and help students and adults who have Tourette Syndrome.  By clicking the links below, you will be provided with an easy, and quick method to automatically send an important email to your representations regarding education issues and funding for TS research. Additionally, this will result in awareness that TS is an important disorder that impacts thousands of their constituents and which requires their continued support.  Following are brief summaries and links.

Ø  Education 

  1. Students who are bright and have diagnoses that interfere with their education are being denied necessary services.
  2. Manifestation Determination protection MUST NOT be removed from IDEA. This protects students with disabilities from being suspended for symptoms. For additional information regarding protections provided by manifestation determination, read Letter of the Month that is at the top of TS website Education Page. http://tsa-usa.org/Education/education_main.htm
  3. Require that College Education Majors and teachers who are re-certifying receive information regarding TS



Ø  Include TS in Research   

Tourette Association has an opportunity to be included in a bill regarding funding for research of neurological disorders.http://cqrcengage.com/tsa/app/write-a-letter?11&engagementId=123893

Thank you in advance.


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