NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy at Rutgers University

Calling all teens with TS entering grades 9 through 12: Apply today to attend the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy at Rutgers University August 69, 2015.  Take advantage of this opportunity to interact with doctors and experts in TS and associated disorders, to gain an improved sense of yourself as a leader and advocate, and to engage in a variety of unforgettable social activities with other teens diagnosed with TS.  Visit theNJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy website for more information and to access the online application!

Here’s what some of last year’s attendees had to say about their experience at the Academy:

“The academy has helped me realize that my voice and opinion matter and that I shouldn’t be afraid to share it. I know that I am strong, resilient, and a self-leader. I’ve made so many friends who helped to teach me these things as well.”

“I understand so much more about the brain and how it works, as well as Tourette’s. I acquired new skills that will help me through my life, like organizing myself and how to advocate.”

“This was the safest and most accepting place I have ever been in. We got to know each other well enough that we were able to safely and respectfully joke with one another.”

If you have questions about the Academy or the application process, call us today at 908-575-7350. Don’t miss out on this truly spectacular opportunity!


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