Voice Your Support!

Voice Your Support!

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 (9-5 Est) Give a Collective and Powerful Voice to the Collaborative Academic Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome Act (H.R. 4221/S.637).

H.R. 4221 / S. 637, also known as the CARE Act continues to gain momentum in Congress. Senator Charles Schumer, the third-ranking Senate Democrat and Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee recently became a cosponsor in order to show support for his constituents living with Tourette Syndrome. His support, plus the addition of 16 Congressmen as cosponsors as of the end of July are a sign of the growing support for TS research on Capitol Hill.

The CARE Act would:
Expand, intensify, and coordinate the National Institute of Health (NIH) programs and activities regarding scientific research on Tourette Syndrome.
Establish 4-6 Collaborative TS Research Centers.
Collect data on the prevalence, and impact of Tourette Syndrome in the US and the availability of medical and social services for individuals and families with Tourette Syndrome
Co-Sponsorship of H.R. 4221 / S. 637 is a crucial step in passing this bill into law.
Talk Now With Your US Congress Representatives, and let us know how it went! Email: elridge.proctor@tsa-usa.org

On Wednesday, August 20th Call your US House Representatives and US Senators to voice your support. Enlist the help of your friends and family. Ask them to reach out to their elected officials to communicate how important support for the CARE Act is to you.
Log onto TSA’s Public Policy Action Center between 9 am and 5pm EST to be connected to your US House Representative and Senators.

Call Message:
Hello, my name is (give your name) and I am calling from (City and State). Is your Healthcare Legislative Assistant available?
(Wait to be transferred. If not, continue with message.)
I would like to ask my (Representative/Senator) to Co-sponsor HR. 4221 / S. 637, the Collaborative Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome (CARE) Act. This bill is critical for research into finding a cure for Tourette Syndrome to help individuals like me and all Americans living with Tourette Syndrome.
Thank you for relaying my message. End Call!


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