Congratulations to Joseph for Raising Tourette Syndrome Awareness!

The Greater Missouri TSA congratulates  Joseph Kasprzyk, a 14 year old who just graduated  8th grade at Remington Traditional School in the Pattonville School District.  Jospeh swims on the swim team and is a member of the Pattonville chess team.  During the Tourette Syndrome Awareness month, Joseph and his friend, Austin, came up with ideas to raise money and awareness.  They created a week long event called, Spirit Week – Raising Awareness about Tourette Syndrome.
During the week, each day had a different theme. He also put up posters explaining Tourette Syndrome in his school to raise awareness. The  event was a great success!
Joseph hopes continue to bring more awareness and acceptance for all those who live with Tourette Syndrome.  Way to go Joseph!
photo 1 (1)

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